Michael E. Boyd

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I have been a photographer for over five decades now. Taking photographs is what I love to do, and I hope it shows in my work.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, I have lived and worked in the Dayton, Xenia and Yellow Springs areas most of my adult life.

An avid lover of Gaia and the natural world, many of my works depict the beauty which can be found in Mother Nature. I really love earthly, organic colors and raw textures. Our Creator has surrounded us with beauty all around, we just need to stop from time to time to see what is before us. I try to capture everyday ordinary objects in a different light and view, especially in my abstracts.

I started taking pictures at an early age and by the time I was a teenager had my own darkroom in the basement of our house experimenting with the popular B&W film formats of that time 35 mm, 127, 120 and 620.

I majored in portraiture at the Ohio Institute of Photography.

I served the local Greene County Ohio community as a photojournalist while working for the Xenia Daily Gazette from 1985 to 2000 where I won several awards for photography. My work has been published in several newspapers, including the Weekly World News; various trade magazines and Sports Illustrated to name a few.

Most recently I worked at the Dayton Business Journal in Dayton, Ohio as a production designer and photographer until I retired.